4 Things You Need To Know When Creating A Trade Show Booth

June 16th, 2017

4 Things You Need To Know When Creating A Trade Show Booth

Are you gearing up to create your customized trade show booth for a corporate live marketing campaign, but aren’t quite sure where to start? The first step to success includes partnering with the right design firm. While many trade show booth design firms claim to offer expert skills and services, only a few reputable and qualified companies can actually support these claims with relevant experiences and client recommendations. Finding a competent trade show booth design team can quickly put you on the road to success with your live encounter marketing initiatives.

Top Considerations When Creating Your Final Trade Show Booth Design

trade show booth AustinOf course, teaming with the right trade show booth design firm is only the first step toward success. In order to truly capture the crowd’s attention and broaden the breadth of your brand, it’s critical to keep a few key considerations in mind throughout the design process. Knowing these four important design considerations can help ensure that you create final trade show booth that will truly resonate with any live crowd:

Make your brand a top priority: First and foremost, always make your brand your number one priority when creating your final trade show booth design. A qualified vendor will be able to work with you to include your branding information (logo, slogan, color schemes, etc.) throughout the stand in a way that compels and informs without overwhelming visitors. The end result should be that all guests know exactly who you are as soon as they see your exhibit.

Determine an exhibit focal point: Beyond your brand, your exhibit should also have a strategically determined focal point that also gets prime visual real estate on your stand. Once you’ve chosen your focal point, it’s important to place it in an esthetically compelling way to entice the crowds to walk across the room to see what you’re about.

Create a space that feels welcoming to visitors: When working with your chosen trade show booth vendor, it’s important to always keep the comfort of your guests on the design radar. Having open space to roam and a guest area with seating can truly make everyone who comes inside your exhibit feel instantly welcome. Additionally, work with all staff members who will be manning the stand to drive home how important it is to keep the entire space clean and uncluttered at all times.

Remember to include room for product grouping: Product grouping can deliver a powerful visual message to anyone visiting your exhibit. When teaming with your chosen build team, brainstorm ideas on how to best showcase your merchandise collectively as well as how to make takeaway marketing materials as easily accessible as possible; it’s the best way to help minimize lines (aka an opportunity for guests to get bored and walk away) and ensure that your visitors have the chance to leave your stand with all the information they’ll need for future contact.

Keep these considerations in mind when planning your booths and marketing strategies to ensure that your presence is felt.

Ready for a trade show booth in Austin that commands attention? Xtreme Xhibits offers state-of-the-art exhibits, booths and banner stands that wow crowds of every size and scope. Don’t waste the chance to make a great first impression; let Xtreme Xhibits help you create a one-of-a-kind promotional experience with sustainable, long-term results.

3 Ways To Make Your Trade Show Stand More Impactful

June 16th, 2017

3 Ways To Make Your Trade Show Stand More Impactful

In today’s competitive marketplace, exhibitors must take so many factors into account. For example, they have to strategize about how to make their trade show stand most impactful. With so many different brands and products trying to capture the attention of event attendees, it has never been more important for a company’s booth to stand apart from the rest. How can exhibitors design their booths in order to maximize the ability to capture the attention of potential customers and lead them to a positive experience with the brand? Below, we’ll discuss three specific ways to increase the impact of your trade show stand.

Austin trade show stand#1 – Maximize the presence of your trade show stand.

One very basic way to boost impact is to maximize your presence at events. For example, island exhibits are perfect for exhibitors that have ample space and budget. These exhibits range in size from 20′ x 20′ to 30′ x 30′. With such sizes, potential customers are sure to notice these exhibits and will determine that the particular company is probably an industry leader. Companies that don’t have the budget or space for large island exhibits still have other options for creatively maximizing their brand’s presence at events. For example, a company could design a number of banner stands and place them throughout an event space. This exposes visitors to the brand professionally and consistently.

#2 – Strategize your marketing efforts in order to reach the target market.

An exhibitor that wants to optimize the success of its booth must strategize about marketing and promotional efforts. For this reason, it is absolutely necessary for an exhibitor to know who its target market is. Understanding the market segment provides exhibitors with valuable knowledge that will help them attract the desired audience. It’s helpful to research the demographics of the market segment, such as gender, race, family dynamics, and income. It’s also helpful to consider the personal, social, cultural, and psychological factors that play a part in consumer behavior. Researching the target market provides companies with insight into how to design their trade show stand in such a way that it most effectively reaches the desired audience.

#3 – Add value to event attendees.

One of the most effective ways to make a trade show stand impactful for consumers is by adding value for visitors. Companies that are most successful are those that figure out how to add value for potential customers. There are a variety of ways that businesses can add value. One of the best ways is to provide attendees with incredible customer service. This means putting the most charismatic team members at the booth. Potential customers will be blown away by interacting with employees who have strong interpersonal skills and who seek to surpass customer expectations. No matter what the industry, customer service is a big selling point for consumers. There are a number of other ways for a business to add value at its trade show stand. Other ideas include hosting games and contests, free giveaways, product demonstrations, and more.

They key to making your trade show stand impactful is to create an experience for customers that will result in a long-term relationships with your company.

Xtreme Xhibits is the exclusive Skyline dealer for Austin and San Antonio, Texas. Xtreme Xhibits’ products and services include graphic design, portable displays, island exhibits, inline exhibits, and more. They also offer event marketing and exhibit management services.

Air Powered Austin Trade Show Exhibit

May 19th, 2017

The Days Of The Boring Trade Show Exhibit Are Gone With The Wind

If your company participates in live marketing on the trade show circuit, you’ve seen a lot of boring booths in your time. After a while, most exhibits look pretty much the same. Don’t fall into this trap. Consider an exciting new inflatable trade show exhibit.

Look What Blew In To The Trade Show Floor

Austin trade show exhibitThese uniquely designed displays utilize inflatable frames fitted with high-quality graphic covers. Just by looking, you would not know that the forward-looking exhibitors who use them are saving a bundle in shipping and installation and dismantle costs. What you see are amazingly beautiful graphics often emblazed on overhead signs, backwalls, banner stands, kiosks, and other components in the space. You also see fluidity and design flexibility that is often hard to achieve in traditional booth design.

Modern wind-powered setups make any trade show exhibit more exciting. Even 10′ by 10′ spaces that feature either traditional backwalls or tabletop units can benefit from this new trend. Any size of component within the space uses the same principle of a blowup frame fitted with a unique company message.

Air-Powered Trade Show Exhibit Design Is Here To Stay

Maybe it has crossed your mind that these innovative inflatables will be old hat soon. After all, no trend lasts forever. What is good news for both exhibitors who have invested in them and attendees who may become bored with repetitious marketing is that the message is easy to change. The frames will last for years and will accommodate changing messages. Whether your company has an updated logo or look, a product or service to launch, or other exciting news to announce, your air-powered system can change with the times. This means that this type of system will continue to dominate the market in coming years.

If your company currently has a big display, you may wonder how to make the transition to a wind-powered display without breaking the bank. Fortunately, there are many ways to make the move. Many companies start out by buying a piece or two of inflatable equipment to see how they like it. When they undoubtedly decide that they do, the next step may be to rent an entire trade show exhibit. As they work the booth they can make a note of what they like, what they don’t like, and what they would change when they buy a display of their own. When they are ready to make the capital expenditure of a new display, they do so totally confident that they are making the right investment.

Enhance your current trade show exhibit with inflatable towers, backwalls, or hanging rings. Unique design and versatile utility will draw crowds and make exhibiting easier. Quick and easy I&D means time and cost savings to improve your company’s ROI. To really turn heads and get an edge over the competition, choose a modern, highly-effective air-powered display.

Build Your Austin Trade Show Exhibit With Xtreme Xhibits

A WindScape display from Xtreme Xhibits (http://www.xtremexhibits.com/about.html) can transform the look and feel of your Austin trade show exhibit. Learn more about this and other innovative systems and services at http://www.xtremexhibits.com/.

Banner Stands Deliver Your Targeted Message

May 19th, 2017

Banner Stands – On A Mission To Deliver Your Targeted Message

Few companies have infinite amounts to spend on trade shows. Live marketing is just one type of promotion that must come out of the budget, and even if your ROI from expos is high as the sky, you can’t spend every company dime on planning your display, booking shows, promoting them, and attending them. You can, however, increase the impact of your booth by investing in banner stands to use in your space.

Banner-standsConsider The Value Of Banner Stands

Banner stands have many built-in features, but they mainly serve as professional signs. Available in various sizes, they can expand on your existing message of text and graphics used in headers or can even add something new. Usually measuring about two feet wide for a single unit, they are also available in double or triple wide sizes too. Since they are smaller and more compact than your backwall and other signage you use in your booth, changing out the graphics and text is so economical that you can update it frequently.

What’s great about these small signs is that the frames themselves don’t cost an arm and a leg to buy. This enables you to have one or more on hand without feeling compelled to use them every time since you made the investment. Even if you have multiple signs, you can choose how many you use, depending on the size of your space and your booth layout.

Hone In On Attendee Psychology

Dispensing small snippets of your overall message is good psychology on the showroom floor. Especially at larger shows, attendees get immediately overwhelmed by the number of booths. Many of them have already decided on the exhibitors they must visit, and as they roam through the show in pursuit of those destinations, they look at other booths. Statistics show that they are likely to spend more than two minutes at only 26 booths. All exhibitors scramble to make sure that their booth is among the chosen few, but having these little signs can increase the likelihood that yours will be among them.

Why? Banner stands offer attendees a small bit of information, often presented in an interesting way. At a big show, everything forms a blur after a while, but distinct pieces of information stick out. The same principle is at play as when you go to a play or presentation that lasts for a couple of hours; despite the larger array of things you remember, you make come away with a couple lines of a song or a few catchy phrases. A sign with an effective message can be like the lyric fragment that won’t go away.

Given the power of placards with a message, you should carefully craft the messages that you choose to display at an expo. If you have a catchy slogan or a message about the benefit of your newest product, those may be the first things that attendees remember after the show. You hope the rest of your stunning display, demonstration, or presentation comes back too, but what’s on the banner stand is often the take away!

Xtreme Xhibits Can Help Deliver The Right Message

Xtreme Xhibits (http://www.xtremexhibits.com/about.html), a leading supplier of trade show displays and banner stands at San Antonio shows, is a full-service exhibit, graphic design, and trade show marketing communications firm with 50 years of industry expertise. For more information about their products and services, visit http://www.xtremexhibits.com/.

Shed Some Light On Your Pop-Up Displays

April 19th, 2017

Shed Some Light On Your Pop-Up Displays

Pop-up displays offer easy set-up and transportation for a wide range of exhibitors. You can use them to create anything from a stand-alone display at a small event to an island centerpiece at a large tradeshow. No matter where you use your pop-up displays, your graphics, marketing messages, and branding will stand out most effectively with good lighting. Especially among exhibitors who want to carry as little gear as possible and minimize set-up costs, lighting is one area of trade show display that often gets less planning and investment than it deserves. Today’s LED lights offer an attractive solution by pumping out massive illumination using smaller and more lightweight units that are easy to set up and don’t generate a lot of waste heat.

  • Pop-Up Displays San AntonioGrab Visitors’ Attention – In general, LED lights put out more light than other lighting solutions of comparable size and typically greater weight. Skyline’s TriaSol lighting puts out as much as three times the amount of light as even other LED arm-light systems. That means visitors will be able to spot your pop-up display from a much greater distance, and they’ll be attracted to that bright spot on the trade show floor.
  • Create A Consistent Mood Or A Path – Using TriaSol arm lights with your pop-up displays, you can either create a consistently bright environment, or you can make a subtle path through your exhibit by adjusting and aiming the lights and moving the fixtures to draw visitors though your display to your booth team. Because of the brightness and greater surface-area coverage of the TriaSol lights, your display will be thoroughly illuminated with fewer light units, so there’s less gear to transport and install. Up to 15 light units plug into each other, so you’ll have less messy wires and plugs to contend with in your booth.
  • Show Off Your Design Work – The Louvre unveiled new LED lighting for the Mona Lisa and Red Room displays in 2013, and art lovers and visitors from all over the world have noted how much more clearly they see these classic works of art, now that they’re better lit. You’re probably not exhibiting classic works of art, but you’ve probably invested a good deal of time and money into designing your visual branding, graphics, and messages. Proper lighting helps you get the best return on that investment by ensuring that people actually see them. The more effective your lighting, the broader the impact your visuals will have, and your pop-up display will expand its marketing reach far beyond its own space.

Better Lighting Made Easy For Pop-Ups Displays In San Antonio

Skyline Xtreme Xhibits offers everything your company needs to make a big impression with your pop-up displays in San Antonio and Austin. From graphic design to lighting, and a full line of customized rental components to choose from, Xtreme Xhibits will help you set the scene that best showcases your brand and products and helps your sales team achieve their goals.

Hot Marketing Tech Trends For Your Trade Show Display

April 19th, 2017

Hot Marketing Tech Trends For Your Trade Show Display

It’s truly dizzying to think about the number of marketing technologies available to use in a trade show display these days. How do you know which one will work best for your specific brand and products? The folks at Exhibitor magazine have undertaken research project into marketing technology, including a biennial survey of trade show exhibitors, to learn more about which technologies exhibitors are using and planning to use, and how they’re applying those technologies on the trade show floor. The 2016 Marketing Technology Survey results yield some interesting insights.

  • Austin Trade Show Display

    Austin Trade Show Display

    Hot, Hot, Hot! – It will probably come as no surprise that mobile apps and tablets are two of the hottest technologies trade show marketers are using today. Other leading marketing technologies among the survey respondents are event-specific micro-sites, touchscreens and interactive displays, augmented reality (AR) demos and displays, digital signage, and webinars and other video-based presentations. One notable pair of statistics: although 79 percent of the participants reported that the technology they used in their trade show exhibits met or exceeded their expectations and that technology helped increase their traffic, brand recognition, and lead collection, slightly less than a third said they’d established a way to quantify the success of those technologies.

  • Down, But Maybe Not Out – Use of QR-codes and marketing text messages showed a decline between the 2014 and 2016 surveys. It’s not a given that these technologies are dead, though; there are some marketing heavy-hitters who are still using them effectively. They’ve lost their novelty, in general, but developing more creative ways to use these technologies may still bring significant results because they are both low-cost tools.
  • Prepare For Take-Off – Although the survey results show that RFID, NFC, and projection-based marketing tech like interactive projection hit a plateau between 2014 and 2016, this is probably more indicative of a lag in development time for applications and products marketers find helpful and cost-effective, using these technologies. Systems like Skyline’s inTouch solutions make it easier for exhibitors to collect qualified leads, produce and use branded tablet-based interactives and digital brochures, and integrate digital signage and wall displays. Using the tracking data and analytics from inTouch, exhibitors have a more effective way to follow up with leads after the show.

Add The Hottest Marketing Tech To Your Austin Trade Show Display

At Xtreme Xhibits, our team helps exhibitors from San Antonio to Austin create a trade show display that incorporates the right technology to achieve their specific goals, and represent their brand and products. We’ll work with you to create the apps, micro-sites, interactive displays, and digital brochures that will help your booth team bring home more and better-qualified leads, while expanding your brand reach and recognition in the markets that matter most to your success. Skyline’s inTouch solutions make it simple for you to track and evaluate the performance of the marketing technology you integrate, so you know you’re making a solid investment.

Three Effective Floor Plans For Island Trade Show Exhibits

March 21st, 2017

Three Effective Floor Plans For Island Trade Show Exhibits In San Antonio

When it comes to designing trade show exhibits in San Antonio, there are a lot of choices for a space as large as an island, but form needs to follow function, or you may end up with a beautiful, spectacular failure. If your company has made the decision to invest in a large display, you’ve probably already made a detailed trade show marketing plan with well-defined goals and laid out the methods your team will use to achieve those goals. Those goals and methods should be the basis of all your trade show display design decisions, beginning with the floor plan.

  • Trade Show Exhibits San AntonioRepresenting Multiple Lines Or Products – If you plan to include multiple products or lines in your exhibit, placing a large display structure in the middle of the space defines areas for those separate products. This offers multiple entry points, and gives your team additional opportunities to engage visitors as they walk all the way around. It’s also an ideal way to display hierarchic brand messaging at three or more levels, without confusing visitors.
  • One Big, Showy Thing – If your custom trade show exhibit is built around a single product, message, or activity, design your island exhibit in a way that literally places that big, showy thing front and center, and under a spotlight. You can include additional messaging around it, but make sure it isn’t distracting from the central object or activity. This should be a mostly open design so that visitors can see it from a distance, and so your team can see and engage with visitors as they approach.
  • We’re Letting You In On A Secret – If your marketing strategy includes creating an air of mystery or exclusivity, using exterior walls around a large percentage of your perimeter can be a highly effective tactic. It’s one that both your advance marketing team you’re your booth team must be well trained to manage, though, or it can backfire. Most visitors won’t just walk into an enclosed exhibit; there needs to be some kind of invitation or lure. If your marketing plan is to attract a select group and have your team lavish them with attention, this floor plan is a good choice because once inside, visitors tend to enjoy the relative calm and they’re more willing to stay longer.

Everything You Need For An Impressive And Effective Island Exhibit

Exhibitors in San Antonio turn to Xtreme Xhibits by Skyline for everything they need to create memorable and effective trade show exhibits in San Antonio. From layout and design services to custom graphics and printing, lighting design, logistics and I&D, and, of course, an outstanding selection of top-quality display components, Xtreme Xhibits will help your company create the perfect showcase for your products and your trade show marketing goals. Contact us to talk about your next trade show exhibit.

The Power Of Paired Banner Stands At San Antonio Trade Shows

March 21st, 2017

The Power Of Paired Banner Stands At San Antonio Trade Shows

Trade show exhibitors often use single banner stands or a series of three or more banners together to point out the benefits and features of products, announce specials and roll-outs, or to create a spectacle that broadcasts a marketing message. One less-common way to use banner stands is in pairs, which can be an attention-grabbing sight with some clever design tactics.

  • Banner Stands San AntonioSplit Image – The simplest design technique for paired banner stands is to simply split a graphic or photograph in half and print half on each banner. Depending on the image, you can then place the banners directly next to each other in a straight line; leave a small but dramatic space between the halves of the image; or place the banner stands next to each other, at an angle, which can create a sense of dimensionality and attract notice. If you split an image that includes text, be very careful to keep in mind that Americans read from top to bottom and left to right, so you may need to adjust the design to pull the reader’s eye across both images, or they might read it wrong. If you’re working with text, read it wrong deliberately, to avoid printing something that might seem weird, obscene, or just nonsensical to a visitor who reads it wrong by accident.
  • Split And Edited Image – One way to make text split across two banners more readable is to use a different color for each line, because the reader’s eye will tend to follow the text in one color across the banners before skipping down to the next line in a different color. Editing a photo or graphic that’s been split offers a lot of creative options, but it’s critical not to get carried away with complicated designs. The greatest impact comes from splitting an image that is symmetrical, then editing the colors. For example, image an 8, split in half vertically. On one banner, the background might be purple and the half of the 8 might be yellow; on the opposite banner, the background would be yellow and the half of the 8 purple.
  • Single Image And Brand Message – Designing a single banner that includes both an image that conveys a message and your branding can be challenging, because banners are most effective when they’re uncluttered. By using paired banner stands, though, you have an entire banner for the photograph or graphic you want to display, uninterrupted; and the other entire banner provides a much bigger space for your logo and brand message than it would get on a single banner. This technique also works for banner trios.

Top-Quality Banner Stands And Expert Design

For expert design services, a wide selection of banner stands and styles, and premium materials and printing, San Antonio exhibitors turn to Xtreme Xhibits by Skyline. Whether you need a pair of perfect banners and stands or a hundred pairs, Xtreme Xhibits will produce and deliver the perfect banners for your unique image and objectives, on time, every time.

Three Ways To Get Best Value from Your Trade Show Stands

February 20th, 2017

Three Ways To Get Best Value From Your Trade Show Stands

Trade show stands are one of the most versatile tools for any trade show marketer. They’re lightweight and compact, initial cost is low, and anyone can set the up without tools in no time flat. You can use them as a backwall in your booth, or place them near displays to call out the features and benefits of your new products. Used indoors or out, trade show stands can direct traffic to your booth or let them know when you’ll be hosting special events like product demos or giveaways. They’re also the perfect medium for creating photo opportunities your visitors can share on social media, broadcasting your branding among their followers. When your company is ready to try trade show stands or replace older ones, there are three things you can do to maximize your benefits and return on investment.

  • San-Antonio-Trade-Show-StandsDon’t DIY – Vertical trade show banners like the ones that are displayed on banner stands are a fairly compact medium, and many exhibitors try to design their own banners. It seems like it should be a simple project, but the truth is, there are a lot of ways to go wrong. Your company’s banners will be displayed alongside your competitor’s professionally designed banners. Spring for professional design to ensure that your banners will stand out from the crowd in a positive way and represent your brand image as part of a polished presentation.
  • UV Protection – Because banner stands have so many uses, you may want to use them outdoors, or in the windows at your facilities between shows. Think beyond your trade show exhibit and give yourself as much flexibility as possible by purchasing high quality banner fabric, treated for UV protection, so you can use them indoors and out, with no worries about fading.
  • Advance Planning – Some trade show stand systems work with banners that can be printed on both sides. If you plan ahead before ordering your banners, you can save money by having double-sided printing, instead of ordering a new banner for each campaign or placement you’re going to use them for. If you’ll only be using them at trade shows, have each side printed for a different campaign or product. If you want to use them in your storefront or offices in between shows, think about what messages you’ll need for those applications: promotions, brand marketing, employee inspiration, or seasonal messages, for example.

Get Best Use And Value From Your Trade Show Stands

Skyline Xtreme Xhibits helps exhibitors in San Antonio create the perfect image and message for their unique brands. From design to material selection, asset management and logistics, we’ll work with you to ensure that your company is poised to take advantage of every opportunity to increase your sales and make the most of your investment in trade show stands.

Key Design Principles For Effective Banner Stands

February 20th, 2017

Key Design Principles For Effective Banner Stands

Banner Stands AustinBanners stands offer exhibitors a lot of flexibility in putting their messages, products, and visual branding in the spotlight. An effectively designed banner will make an imprint in the mind of the viewer, even if they don’t make a decision to stop and take the message in. Achieving a banner design that will stand out from the crowded visual environment of a trade show floor takes careful planning, beginning with three key design principles.

  • Pictures Speak Louder Than Words – Banner stands create a display space that is best suited to visual messages. A standard-sized banner is a fairly large graphical image, but it’s a relatively small space for displaying a lot of text. Take advantage of the power of visual imagery by designing your banners around a professionally designed graphic or high-resolution professional photograph. Your images need to be bold and crisp, even when printed in large format, so it’s critical to begin with high-quality images, optimized for up-scaling. The images should be harmonious, both in color and theme, with your visual branding and the message of product your want to highlight. Using banner stands that support shaped or layered banners can add dimension and visual impact to your designs.
  • Remember Buy Level – There is an old saying in retail merchandising: “Eye level is buy level.” This is also true when it comes to designing banners. Place the most important elements of your message at eye level, but don’t fall for the temptation of overcrowding that space. If you place too many things at eye level, your visitors won’t be left with a clean, clear impression of your brand and message. In fact, they may not register an impression at all, or they will recall it as a visual version of indistinct mumbling. That’s a missed opportunity for you.
  • Show, Don’t Tell – Chances are, your marketing department has worked hard on developing great copy for your websites and brochures, to let prospects know why they should buy your products. It’s important to keep in mind that your banners serve a very different purpose from either a brochure or a website; the banners are there to draw people into the sales funnel, not to close sales. Many designers hold that a banner should have no more than seven words on it. Whether you stick to seven words or not, don’t overcrowd your banners with text or distract viewers from the simple, clear message your graphic should leave in their minds.

Skyline Banner Stands And Design

Austin exhibitors depend on Skyline Xtreme Xhibits for top quality banner stands and banners, along with experienced graphic design to help them create the most effective banners for their trade show exhibits. We’ll help you choose the best materials and design to represent your brand image and products, and whether you need 3 banner stands or 300, we’ll make sure they’re produced and delivered where you need them on time, every time.