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Portable Displays In Austin: Know Which Displays To Avoid During The Design Process

Sunday, November 30th, 2014

Xtreme Xhibits offers important tips for avoiding popular mistakes when strategizing layout and execution of portable displays in Austin.Optimizing results with your portable displays in Austin requires careful planning and strategic execution in order to yield the best results possible. If you’re moving forward with strategizing the layout of your portable displays in Austin, it’s important to note a few common and critical mistakes that many entrepreneurs make when putting together their lightweight exhibits.


When creating your company’s customized portable displays in Austin avoid:


Common Mistake #1: Using Too Many Words


Yes, content is crucial when designing portable displays in Austin; however, using too many words can overwhelm (and bore) passersby. At Xtreme Xhibits, our team of design specialists recommends limiting the number of words used on a display to approximately 6-10, max. Exercising word concision can help your booth garner attention; once visitors stop in your booth, your staff can engage in a dialogue (no word limit necessary) to further your marketing message.


Common Mistake #2: Choosing The Wrong Words


Not only do you have to limit your words, you must also choose the right words for maximum effect. Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of zeroing in on words that do nothing to move their marketing message forward. Don’t be one of them; brainstorm with your team the right words that helps delineate exactly what your business offers and why your consumers will benefit when partnering with your organization.


Common Mistake #3: Not Helping Words Stand Out


No, we’re not out of the “mistake with words” woods yet. Another common mistake that business owners make is using the wrong colors throughout their portable displays in Austin. They’ll use dark background colors with dark font colors, or light shades on even lighter shades. The result? Even the best marketing message in the world becomes hard to decipher. At Xtreme Xhibits we work with our clients to create the best color palette to use for optimal visual results.


Common Mistake #4: Graphic Overload


Another common marketing misstep for owners designing portable displays in Austin is graphic overload. Yes, these lightweight exhibits will deliver just as much marketing impact as their larger counterparts; however, the overall canvas you have to market your company is smaller. It’s important to strategically consider available space by adapting a “less is more” mentality. Choose only your most relevant images to instantly convey what your business offers. Rather than taking up every available inch of space with graphics, design an eye-catching centralized focal point and spin your marketing message out from there. Additionally, when sorting through your images, keep a careful eye on the overall quality of your pictures. Only use the most crisp, top quality pictures to showcase your organization as professional and capable.


Common Mistake #5: Placing Marketing Missives Too Low


Once you’ve pinpointed your content, chosen your graphics, and designated your centralized focal point, it’s time to strategize placing the rest of your relevant information throughout the exhibit. Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of showcasing these details below eye level; this can prove a costly promotional misstep. Keep everything you’ve created/selected at eye height to ensure your guests can instantly absorb your marketing missives as a whole for optimal impact.


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How To Cut Costs With Your Austin Trade Show Booth To Maximize ROI

Thursday, November 20th, 2014

austin trade show boothAs a leading provider of Austin trade show booth solutions, Xtreme Xhibits has seen the significant advantages that live encounter marketing functions can offer our business partners. Unlike other promotional tactics that only provide one-dimensional results, setting up an Austin trade show booth can deliver significant and dynamic benefits. Engaging with your company’s targeted demographic, sizing up the competition and networking with your industry’s leading affiliates are just some of the many ways that an Austin trade show booth can help your organization stand apart from other contenders vying for market share in your corporate verticals.


Make Managing Expenses With Your Austin Trade Show Booth A Top Priority


Of course, no matter how many benefits an Austin trade show booth delivers, ultimate success means reaping more results than overall investment. Many of our clients consult with us because they are concerned about the potentially significant expenses that can often be associated with their live marketing exhibits. Yes, there is a financial investment associated with navigating through the live event encounter arena; however, at Xtreme Xhibits we work with our clients to help them understand that participating in these functions does not have to prove cost prohibitive. Creating an Austin trade show booth strategy that includes a few key tips can help minimize costs and maximize overall event return on investment.


Tips For Getting The Most Value Out Of Your Live Encounter Marketing Strategy


The first tip we suggest to our partners is to create their exhibit schedule as soon as they can. Systematically going through the most critical live marketing events can prove strategically and financially prudent; not only will you ensure that you won’t miss out on any major industry events, you’ll also avoid late entry costs that can be incurred if you sign up past a deadline date.


Once you’ve created your preliminary itinerary, it’s time to flesh out the extensive list of action items (and whom is responsible for them on your team) associated with each function. Include all tasks, both big and small, to guarantee nothing falls through the cracks. Having a firm handle on all that needs to get done for each function will eliminate having to pay late fees rushing.


Additionally, reducing the amount of literature you order to store in your display can have a major impact on overall investment. Previous generations of live encounter marketers felt they needed to ply every display guest with copious amounts of promotional information. However, today’s business executives understand that it’s okay to only provide printed literature to relevant guests. All other visitors can receive online information during the post-show follow up. Bonus tip? Strategize how many copies you’ll need throughout the year so you won’t have to spend more money printing the same information several times annually.


Finally, when the time comes to start shipping your Austin trade show booth and all of its accoutrements, it’s critical to perform due diligence on your shipping options. Shipping your stand can carry with it a significant expense. Competitively pricing out at least three shipping providers can ensure you cut costs as much as possible for optimal value.


Our team of design experts can help you create a one-of-a-kind Austin trade show booth that delivers significant crowd impact. Contact the team at Xtreme Xhibits today for more information!

Why Exhibitors Love Using Portable Displays In San Antonio

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

portable displays San Antonio Trade show products have the ability to make or break exhibitors. Trade show exhibitors rely on their products to be professional, durable, and easy to assemble. Portable displays in particular are a great tool for companies that represent their brand at a variety of venues, such as trade shows, conferences, businesses, and other events. Below, we will discuss some of the reasons exhibitors love using portable displays in San Antonio.


#1 – Versatility


Companies appreciate the versatility that portable displays offer. They can be used for many different types of marketing campaigns. Companies can use portable displays in San Antonio to do a number of things: advertise a new product, promote a sale, announce a social media contest, direct foot traffic at an event, and much more.


Another factor that makes these exhibits so versatile is that the graphics can be easily changed. Larger displays, such as island exhibits, are more of a hassle to change, whereas portable displays can be changed at a lower cost with less of a headache. This allows companies to adapt to an ever-changing marketplace by changing marketing campaigns and ads as needed.


#2 – Cost-effectiveness


Companies love using portable displays in San Antonio because they are so cost-effective. Other larger types of exhibits and booths are more expensive to purchase and operate. Companies that choose larger exhibits incur extra expenses in terms of shipping and storage. They also have to pay extra for exhibit services such as installation and dismantling.


Portable displays do not require such extra expenses. Since they pack small and are lightweight, companies save money on shipping and storage. Also, they don’t involve costs like I&D because they can be easily set up by the company.


#3 – Transportability


As their name suggests, portable displays are advantageous because of the fact that they can be taken anywhere. Companies appreciate the fact that they can load up portable displays in the car and take them to any trade show, conference, or event. This allows companies to present their brand in a variety of places. Because of their size, there are many places that portable displays can go that bigger booths couldn’t.


#4 – Professional Look


Even though portable displays are among the smaller type of trade show products, they do not lack in presentation. These displays represent companies well through their high-quality, professional design. Thanks to portable displays in San Antonio, even when your space is limited, you can present your brand in a professional manner.


#5 – Ease Of Use


Portable displays are beneficial because they are so easy to install. These exhibits can be set up in a matter of minutes and do not require any special tools or professional services. There are even portable displays that are completely air powered. These systems literally inflate into professional, wrinkle-free displays in just a few short minutes with the simple press of a button. That kind of convenience is sure to come in handy for exhibitors.


These are just some of the reasons companies love using portable displays in San Antonio. Contact Xtreme Xhibits to find out how your company can benefit from these innovative trade show products.