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Eight Effective Ways To Cut Costs With Your Trade Show Booth Strategy

Thursday, July 6th, 2017

Eight Effective Ways To Cut Costs With Your Trade Show Booth Strategy

Entrepreneurs working a corporate trade show booth at both local and regional events recognize that these functions have the opportunity for extensive return on investment. Personal interaction with prospective clients, ample networking connections and the opportunity to demonstrate services and wares to a captive audience embody some of the many advantages working a trade show booth offers business owners in every industry.

Manage Unexpected Costs With Your Trade Show Booth Approach

While the rewards are extensive, it’s important to note that working a trade show booth does mean incurring various costs and expenses throughout the fiscal year. Yes, as with any promotional endeavor, it’s critical to invest in the process in order to maximize rewards and benefits offered at a trade show booth. However, these live marketing events do not have to prove cost prohibitive. Knowing a few effective tips on how to cut costs with your trade show booth can help your business minimize expenses yet maximize function results.

Austin trade show boothReady to get started on keeping a firm grip on your trade show booth finances? Consider eight strategies:

Iron out your exhibit schedule: First and foremost, outline the specific “must attend” events that your organization will exhibit at. Yes, you may have various functions that come up on an ad hoc basis; however, carefully selecting the major events during the year will help you avoid late entry fees and costs.

Plan ahead: Another major way to rack up expected costs and expenses is failure to plan ahead. Not planning carefully for coordinating the many moving parts needed for a successful exhibit year means you’ll be rushing to get everything done and may pay late fees for various services.

Purchase your trade show booth: If you attend a significant number of live encounter functions annually, it’s worth the investment to purchase your exhibit outright instead of continuously having to rent a display.

Strategize printed literature: Gone forever are the days when every visitor to an exhibit left with an armload of printed marketing material. Instead, savvy business owners are opting to print just enough materials for major leads. Everyone else that visits your stand can get online material emailed to them during the post-function follow-up.

Print once: Once you have decided on the printed materials that you’ll use throughout the year, plan to have a year’s worth of material printed at the same time; it’s far less expensive than having to print the same items several different times.

Plan travel ahead: Last minute travel can really prove cost prohibitive. Plan your staff members’ travel needs as early as possible so you won’t be charged last minute fees.

Compare shipping options: Shipping your trade show booth and other exhibit items can cost your company a bundle. Carefully research available options early to ensure you get the best price possible.

Arrive with your box of tricks: No one wants to run around spending money on hard to find items at the event itself; put together your corporate “box of tricks” with items you may need so you’re prepared for anything that happens. Packing light bulbs, extension cords and batteries can help save you money compared to buying them at or near the venue at a premium.

Xtreme Xhibits can help your business create a compelling, cost-effective Austin trade show booth that captivates audiences of every size. Don’t entrust your brand to a firm that doesn’t have what it takes to showcase you as the industry leader you are; come experience the Xtreme Xhibits difference yourself.

5 Reasons Every Company Should Use Portable Displays

Thursday, July 6th, 2017

5 Reasons Every Company Should Use Portable Displays

portable displays San AntonioExhibitors live and die by their choice of trade show products. Each product they choose to use must be reliable, high quality, long lasting, and convenient. That’s why businesses love using portable displays like banner stands and tabletop systems. This type of display allows exhibitors to present themselves at a number of different places, including trade shows and other industry events. Below, we will share five reasons every company should consider using these amazing products.

#1 – You can take portable displays anywhere.

One of the most obvious advantages to such a display is that it can be taken virtually anywhere. Businesses enjoy the ability to load a display in their vehicle and take it with them to places like conferences, trade shows, and other events. For example, banner stands give businesses the ability to present their brand in a number of locations. There are many venues they can be used where bigger booths like inline exhibits simply wouldn’t fit.

#2 – They are extremely versatile.

Versatility is a very powerful thing, especially when it comes to marketing in an ever-changing marketplace. That is exactly why companies appreciate the flexibility that portable displays deliver. They allow companies to do any number of things: promote new and improved products and services, announce sales promotions, communicate information to trade show visitors, and so much more.

Portable displays are also so versatile because the graphics and content can be changed out when needed. Trying to change the graphics on and island exhibit or large booth would be fairly costly and more time-consuming. However, changing the content of banner stands or pop up displays is less expensive and easier to manage. This means that businesses have the ability to adapt to the demands of the market and change their advertising initiatives as desired.

#3 – They are affordable.

Affordability is essential for many companies, especially those just starting out and those with a limited budget. Portable displays are among the most cost-effective type of trade show products available. Island and inline exhibits involve a greater investment of resources, not to mention they also include extra expenses such as installation and dismantling. Bigger booths and exhibits also inherently mean more money is spent on shipping and storage.

Transportable display systems are much more cost-effective. They don’t require professional services such as I&D or exhibit management. Since they are lightweight and pack up small, shipping costs are also minimized.

#4 – They represent the brand well.

Though they are smaller than other types of booths, portable displays are highly effective. They are high quality and extremely professional looking, allowing companies to present their brand well. No matter how small the space or how limited the budget, these display systems enable businesses to present themselves in a professional, respectable manner.

#5 – These systems are simple to install.

Portable displays are very easy to install. Companies appreciate the fact that they can be installed in a matter of minutes without the use of tools. Some of these transportable systems are totally air powered, making installation easier than ever. A button is simply pressed and the display inflates into a wrinkle-free, professional presentation. This feature provides exhibitors with valuable convenience and versatility.

When choosing trade show products, keep in mind the advantages of transportable systems.

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