Three Effective Floor Plans For Island Trade Show Exhibits

March 21st, 2017

Three Effective Floor Plans For Island Trade Show Exhibits In San Antonio

When it comes to designing trade show exhibits in San Antonio, there are a lot of choices for a space as large as an island, but form needs to follow function, or you may end up with a beautiful, spectacular failure. If your company has made the decision to invest in a large display, you’ve probably already made a detailed trade show marketing plan with well-defined goals and laid out the methods your team will use to achieve those goals. Those goals and methods should be the basis of all your trade show display design decisions, beginning with the floor plan.

  • Trade Show Exhibits San AntonioRepresenting Multiple Lines Or Products – If you plan to include multiple products or lines in your exhibit, placing a large display structure in the middle of the space defines areas for those separate products. This offers multiple entry points, and gives your team additional opportunities to engage visitors as they walk all the way around. It’s also an ideal way to display hierarchic brand messaging at three or more levels, without confusing visitors.
  • One Big, Showy Thing – If your custom trade show exhibit is built around a single product, message, or activity, design your island exhibit in a way that literally places that big, showy thing front and center, and under a spotlight. You can include additional messaging around it, but make sure it isn’t distracting from the central object or activity. This should be a mostly open design so that visitors can see it from a distance, and so your team can see and engage with visitors as they approach.
  • We’re Letting You In On A Secret – If your marketing strategy includes creating an air of mystery or exclusivity, using exterior walls around a large percentage of your perimeter can be a highly effective tactic. It’s one that both your advance marketing team you’re your booth team must be well trained to manage, though, or it can backfire. Most visitors won’t just walk into an enclosed exhibit; there needs to be some kind of invitation or lure. If your marketing plan is to attract a select group and have your team lavish them with attention, this floor plan is a good choice because once inside, visitors tend to enjoy the relative calm and they’re more willing to stay longer.

Everything You Need For An Impressive And Effective Island Exhibit

Exhibitors in San Antonio turn to Xtreme Xhibits by Skyline for everything they need to create memorable and effective trade show exhibits in San Antonio. From layout and design services to custom graphics and printing, lighting design, logistics and I&D, and, of course, an outstanding selection of top-quality display components, Xtreme Xhibits will help your company create the perfect showcase for your products and your trade show marketing goals. Contact us to talk about your next trade show exhibit.

The Power Of Paired Banner Stands At San Antonio Trade Shows

March 21st, 2017

The Power Of Paired Banner Stands At San Antonio Trade Shows

Trade show exhibitors often use single banner stands or a series of three or more banners together to point out the benefits and features of products, announce specials and roll-outs, or to create a spectacle that broadcasts a marketing message. One less-common way to use banner stands is in pairs, which can be an attention-grabbing sight with some clever design tactics.

  • Banner Stands San AntonioSplit Image – The simplest design technique for paired banner stands is to simply split a graphic or photograph in half and print half on each banner. Depending on the image, you can then place the banners directly next to each other in a straight line; leave a small but dramatic space between the halves of the image; or place the banner stands next to each other, at an angle, which can create a sense of dimensionality and attract notice. If you split an image that includes text, be very careful to keep in mind that Americans read from top to bottom and left to right, so you may need to adjust the design to pull the reader’s eye across both images, or they might read it wrong. If you’re working with text, read it wrong deliberately, to avoid printing something that might seem weird, obscene, or just nonsensical to a visitor who reads it wrong by accident.
  • Split And Edited Image – One way to make text split across two banners more readable is to use a different color for each line, because the reader’s eye will tend to follow the text in one color across the banners before skipping down to the next line in a different color. Editing a photo or graphic that’s been split offers a lot of creative options, but it’s critical not to get carried away with complicated designs. The greatest impact comes from splitting an image that is symmetrical, then editing the colors. For example, image an 8, split in half vertically. On one banner, the background might be purple and the half of the 8 might be yellow; on the opposite banner, the background would be yellow and the half of the 8 purple.
  • Single Image And Brand Message – Designing a single banner that includes both an image that conveys a message and your branding can be challenging, because banners are most effective when they’re uncluttered. By using paired banner stands, though, you have an entire banner for the photograph or graphic you want to display, uninterrupted; and the other entire banner provides a much bigger space for your logo and brand message than it would get on a single banner. This technique also works for banner trios.

Top-Quality Banner Stands And Expert Design

For expert design services, a wide selection of banner stands and styles, and premium materials and printing, San Antonio exhibitors turn to Xtreme Xhibits by Skyline. Whether you need a pair of perfect banners and stands or a hundred pairs, Xtreme Xhibits will produce and deliver the perfect banners for your unique image and objectives, on time, every time.

Three Ways To Get Best Value from Your Trade Show Stands

February 20th, 2017

Three Ways To Get Best Value From Your Trade Show Stands

Trade show stands are one of the most versatile tools for any trade show marketer. They’re lightweight and compact, initial cost is low, and anyone can set the up without tools in no time flat. You can use them as a backwall in your booth, or place them near displays to call out the features and benefits of your new products. Used indoors or out, trade show stands can direct traffic to your booth or let them know when you’ll be hosting special events like product demos or giveaways. They’re also the perfect medium for creating photo opportunities your visitors can share on social media, broadcasting your branding among their followers. When your company is ready to try trade show stands or replace older ones, there are three things you can do to maximize your benefits and return on investment.

  • San-Antonio-Trade-Show-StandsDon’t DIY – Vertical trade show banners like the ones that are displayed on banner stands are a fairly compact medium, and many exhibitors try to design their own banners. It seems like it should be a simple project, but the truth is, there are a lot of ways to go wrong. Your company’s banners will be displayed alongside your competitor’s professionally designed banners. Spring for professional design to ensure that your banners will stand out from the crowd in a positive way and represent your brand image as part of a polished presentation.
  • UV Protection – Because banner stands have so many uses, you may want to use them outdoors, or in the windows at your facilities between shows. Think beyond your trade show exhibit and give yourself as much flexibility as possible by purchasing high quality banner fabric, treated for UV protection, so you can use them indoors and out, with no worries about fading.
  • Advance Planning – Some trade show stand systems work with banners that can be printed on both sides. If you plan ahead before ordering your banners, you can save money by having double-sided printing, instead of ordering a new banner for each campaign or placement you’re going to use them for. If you’ll only be using them at trade shows, have each side printed for a different campaign or product. If you want to use them in your storefront or offices in between shows, think about what messages you’ll need for those applications: promotions, brand marketing, employee inspiration, or seasonal messages, for example.

Get Best Use And Value From Your Trade Show Stands

Skyline Xtreme Xhibits helps exhibitors in San Antonio create the perfect image and message for their unique brands. From design to material selection, asset management and logistics, we’ll work with you to ensure that your company is poised to take advantage of every opportunity to increase your sales and make the most of your investment in trade show stands.

Key Design Principles For Effective Banner Stands

February 20th, 2017

Key Design Principles For Effective Banner Stands

Banner Stands AustinBanners stands offer exhibitors a lot of flexibility in putting their messages, products, and visual branding in the spotlight. An effectively designed banner will make an imprint in the mind of the viewer, even if they don’t make a decision to stop and take the message in. Achieving a banner design that will stand out from the crowded visual environment of a trade show floor takes careful planning, beginning with three key design principles.

  • Pictures Speak Louder Than Words – Banner stands create a display space that is best suited to visual messages. A standard-sized banner is a fairly large graphical image, but it’s a relatively small space for displaying a lot of text. Take advantage of the power of visual imagery by designing your banners around a professionally designed graphic or high-resolution professional photograph. Your images need to be bold and crisp, even when printed in large format, so it’s critical to begin with high-quality images, optimized for up-scaling. The images should be harmonious, both in color and theme, with your visual branding and the message of product your want to highlight. Using banner stands that support shaped or layered banners can add dimension and visual impact to your designs.
  • Remember Buy Level – There is an old saying in retail merchandising: “Eye level is buy level.” This is also true when it comes to designing banners. Place the most important elements of your message at eye level, but don’t fall for the temptation of overcrowding that space. If you place too many things at eye level, your visitors won’t be left with a clean, clear impression of your brand and message. In fact, they may not register an impression at all, or they will recall it as a visual version of indistinct mumbling. That’s a missed opportunity for you.
  • Show, Don’t Tell – Chances are, your marketing department has worked hard on developing great copy for your websites and brochures, to let prospects know why they should buy your products. It’s important to keep in mind that your banners serve a very different purpose from either a brochure or a website; the banners are there to draw people into the sales funnel, not to close sales. Many designers hold that a banner should have no more than seven words on it. Whether you stick to seven words or not, don’t overcrowd your banners with text or distract viewers from the simple, clear message your graphic should leave in their minds.

Skyline Banner Stands And Design

Austin exhibitors depend on Skyline Xtreme Xhibits for top quality banner stands and banners, along with experienced graphic design to help them create the most effective banners for their trade show exhibits. We’ll help you choose the best materials and design to represent your brand image and products, and whether you need 3 banner stands or 300, we’ll make sure they’re produced and delivered where you need them on time, every time.

Three Ways To Impress With Tabletop Displays

January 19th, 2017

Three Ways To Impress With Tabletop Displays

Tabletop Displays AustinSometimes, a tabletop display is the best tool for the job of attracting traffic and broadcasting your brand message. In some cases, it may be because your team is flying to the event and they need to travel light to keep costs down. In other cases, it may be because exhibit space is at a premium. Trade fairs, sporting events, concert venues, and chamber of commerce events are all situations where you’re likely to have less space to work with than you would at a full-scale trade show at a convention venue, but you still need to see a worthwhile return on your investment in attending. Smaller doesn’t have to mean less effective, with some creativity and careful design choices, a tabletop display can be a powerful marketing tool.

  • Light And Lean – For occasions where your team needs to carry a minimum of gear that sets up quickly and easily, a lean tabletop display is a perfect choice. Skyline offers inflatable tabletop displays in its Windscape line that fit in a backpack for travel, and are ready to display in less than 5 minutes, thanks to the electric inflator. Another rapid-deployment tabletop is the Regatta, which uses a sturdy, shock-corded frame to display large, bold graphics on both sides of the frame. The curved shape of each of these tabletops makes it stable and allows more open table space in front of the graphic for literature or a small display of products.
  • Create A Cohesive Space – If your team is able to transport a little more gear than the light and lean set-up, clip-on lights are an excellent addition for indoor or nighttime exhibits. Creating the look of a defined and cohesive space is as simple as adding a few touches like a carpet and tablecloth that match or coordinate with your logo color, a branded table runner, and a custom-graphic wrapped table case. The case stores your display components for transport, and then serves as a table once it’s unpacked, and it will fit easily into a passenger car trunk. Sometimes, the space you’re provided will support hanging a banner above the height of the tabletop display, which helps broadcast your visual branding even further.
  • Accessorize & Impress – When transportation considerations allow for adding more accessories to the exhibit, you may want to consider the idea of including tablets on tablet stands in your display. The stands can be placed to the side of the table, so visitors can use them without blocking the background image. Tablets offer a huge range of presentation options: create a multimedia or interactive presentation, or allow visitors to browse your catalog and place orders on the spot. Most importantly, using tablets gives you a natural and efficient way to collect contact information from your visitors. Let them type out their information, and you can forget about trying to read scribbled slips of paper from a fish bowl after the event.

Tabletop Displays Give Endless Flexibility

Skyline Xtreme Xhibits has all the gear Austin exhibitors need to create impressive tabletop displays, along with expert design advice and quality custom graphics. Take your small, portable displays to new a new Xtreme.

Lightweight Trade Show Display Is Economical & Eco-Friendly

January 19th, 2017

Lightweight Trade Show Display Is Economical And Eco-Friendly

Many exhibitors in today’s trade show market are looking for ways to reduce the costs of shipping and drayage for their trade show displays, and to reduce Install & Dismantle (I&D) costs with simplified installation. Companies across the board are responding to public sentiment toward sustainable business practices and they’re looking for more eco-friendly solutions for everything from product packaging to trade show exhibits that reduce waste and the demand for truck space, which contributes to pollution and carbon emissions. Lightweight trade show display components offer exhibitors a way to save significantly on costs like freight, drayage, and I&D, while supporting more sustainable, eco-friendly trade show displays.

  • San Antonio Trade Show DisplayInflatable Displays – Inflatable trade show display materials have come a long way since the noisy, kitschy flailing-arm-tube-man. In fact, Skyline’s Windscape system includes towers of up to 16 feet (no flailing, please!), and a conference room. All of the pieces are delivered with custom graphics already in place, and I&D takes a small fraction of the time needed to build a comparable display from traditional materials. Because the inflatable components don’t depend on an internal frame, they’re much lighter in weight and can pack into much smaller spaces than their traditional counterparts, so you’ll save significantly on freight and drayage.
  • Custom Modular Displays – Custom modular displays offer the structural support of a traditional custom display, but by using lighter materials and smart engineering, they can cut I&D and transport costs dramatically. Replacing fabric graphics is an economical and eco-friendly way to update your exhibit whenever you need, and the flexible configuration of modular pieces allows you to scale your exhibit up or down easily from one trade show to the next. For even greater savings, Skyline’s entire catalog of modular trade show display is available for rental, and delivered with top-quality graphics, custom-designed to fit your brand image.
  • Savings Without Sacrifice – One Skyline client cut their I&D time from 40 hours to just 16 hours by switching to the SkyRise system for their 50-foot by 50-foot two-story exhibit. In addition to chopping their I&D budget by 60 percent, the client saved significantly on transportation costs, and improved the functionality of their exhibit design with the addition of a large, private meeting space. You’re not limited to small exhibits or a small set of design options when you choose lightweight trade show display from Skyline.

Cut Costs And Environmental Impact

Skyline Xtreme Xhibits offers San Antonio exhibitors a wealth of design options and exhibit configurations in lightweight trade show display components. As part of Skyline’s international network, Xtreme Xhibits helps clients keep their eco-friendly commitments by delivering exhibits from a regional office near the exhibitor’s venue, so there’s shipping-related pollution involved. Many of the materials used in our trade show display products can also be recycled when their useful life is over.

Use Stand-Out Pop-Ups For An Innovative Exhibit

December 23rd, 2016

Use Stand-Out Pop-Ups For An Innovative Exhibit

Innovative Pop-Up ExhibitsCreating innovative pop-up exhibits is one smart way to use lightweight components to make a heavy impact on trade show visitors. If you’ve been looking for ways to save money on install and dismantle (I&D) and drayage, pop-up exhibits are one way to cut those costs without cutting back on visual impact and attraction power. Whether your marketing objectives are to bring in as much traffic as possible to soak up your message and branding, to bring in specific prospects for some face time with your sales team, or to sell retail merchandise, you can create a custom-branded, unique display with pop-up exhibits.

  • Light ‘Em Up – Using backlit pop-up pieces helps your exhibit stand out from the crowd and draw notice from a much greater distance than an unlit display. Skyline’s backlit pop-ups, like the PictureCube system, offer extreme versatility: Suspend them from the ceiling or use them as freestanding elements in your booth. Our top-quality fabrics and printing ensure that your custom graphics are crisp, clean, and the colors are true and consistent.
  • Eye-Catching Shapes – Another way to grab visitors’ attention is using unusual shapes as design elements in your display booth. Skyline’s PictureScape system takes your design options far beyond basic rectangles by offering nearly endless combinations of angles for a custom-shaped backwall, hanging structure, kiosk, or other freestanding element. The PictureScape system frames can accommodate double-sided graphics, which offers even more flexibility. Your custom graphics are printed on durable fabric, so you can use them show after show, whether you’re purchasing or renting frames. PictureScape components pack into compact cases which one person can manage easily, fit into a passenger car, or check in a luggage on a commercial flight.
  • Presentation Space – If your marketing campaign includes a multi-media presentation or looping video, Skyline’s pop-up DesignView system gives you a large presentation space with minimal set-up labor and easy transportation. The short-throw rear-projection system requires just three feet of space between the projector and the display wall to give a bold, bright image of 100 inches, diagonally. You get a huge display without eating up valuable floor space. Display screens with custom graphics around the projection space help reinforce your message and brand image are a smart option if you’ll be using the projection display consistently. Both the projection wall and projector come in manageable rolling cases, and are easy to assemble quickly, dismantle and pack, and transport.

Innovative Pop-Up Exhibits For Convenience And Cost Savings

Xtreme Xhibits by Skyline can help you design a pop-up exhibit that’s sure to stop traffic at your next trade show. From layout to graphic design and lighting, our expert team will help you choose the best components and style to create a unique display you’ll be proud to have representing your brand.

Rent A Modular Exhibit For A Full Custom Look & Cost Savings

December 16th, 2016

Rent A Modular Exhibit For A Full Custom Look And Significant Cost Savings

Rent A Modular ExhibitModular displays offer a broad range of design options and configurations, for any booth space from a standard in-line to a massive island display. Most of the cost of a modular system is in the frame; so choosing custom rental provides an economical way for exhibitors to take advantage of that versatility without a massive capital investment. Modular exhibit components are also significantly lighter-weight than traditional custom systems, so freight and drayage costs are less, and with Skyline’s smart engineering, our modular systems also save you on install and dismantle (I&D) costs because everything goes together more quickly.

  • Merchandising – Modular systems are an excellent choice for exhibitors who want to create a retail merchandising space. Create separate sections of your booth for different product lines, design a floor plan that gives your visitors plenty of space to walk through and take their time getting to know your products, and take advantage of the large expanses of wall space for large graphics that make a huge impact. Add lighting to create an “attention path” through your display, so each visitor’s eyes fall on every product you want them to take note of.
  • Demonstration Space – If you’re exhibiting a product or line that can be demonstrated in your booth, building demonstration space into your modular display is an absolute must. Depending on the best demo strategy for your products, you might use modular components to place a tabletop demo near the aisle to drawn visitors in, or use a free-standing merchandise display behind a demonstration area on the floor. If your line includes multiple products that can be demonstrated in a booth, design a path through your exhibit, leading visitors from one demo to the next using lighting and graphics.
  • Interactive Displays – Interactive displays often involve mounting multiple monitors or tablets inside the exhibit. Whether you need workstations for your visitors to enjoy your digital interactive experience, mounted tablets or tablets they can pick up and use, but not walk away with, the sturdy structure provided by interconnected modular components offers all kinds of creative options. If your interactive display involves a physical activity rather than a digital experience, custom-branded countertops or tables will give your visitors plenty of room to enjoy it. These pieces also offer your team extra storage space to keep personal items, marketing materials, and overstock tidy and out of sight until they’re needed.

Rent A Modular Exhibit That’s Custom Designed For Your Brand

Xtreme Xhibits by Skyline offers a full range of modular exhibit components for rent, all with custom graphics to represent your brand image and products in unique style. We’ll help you with everything from graphic design to planning your floor plan and lighting. Our certified installers will set it up for you, with an on-time guarantee, so you can focus on your marketing and sales plans.

Not All Trade Show Suppliers Are Created Equal

November 24th, 2016

Not All Trade Show Suppliers Are Created Equal

If your company is planning its entry into trade show marketing, or perhaps you’ve been at it for some time and are looking for a new trade show supplier, the first thing you should understand is that while you’ve got a seemingly infinite number of choices, not all of those choices can actually provide everything you need to be successful. Start your search by defining what you need in the near future, and what you can foresee needing in the next few years, in order to design an effective exhibit and achieve your trade show marketing objectives.

Trade Show Suppliers What Services Do You Need Today…And Tomorrow?

Many larger companies have already worked through the process of developing a branding package and trade show marketing plan by the time they start talking to trade show suppliers. A branding package is a set of specifications that ensure consistency and quality in all of your future visual branding choices: Logo and variants, colors, fonts, and other critical details. If your company doesn’t already have a branding package, you’ll want to work with a full-service trade show house that has branding specialists you can work with. If you need help developing a clearly defined trade show marketing plan, be sure the trade show supplier you’re considering offers marketing services to help you.

Once you’ve got that trade show marketing plan in place, you’ll have a better idea of what you’ll need from a trade show supplier, going forward. How often will you change your display and graphics to showcase new products or campaigns? Are you planning unique displays for certain key shows? Find out up front whether the trade show house you’re talking to can keep up with the demands you’re likely to have, and what their production timelines are, so you can decide whether they can effectively meet your needs.

Product Variety And Quality

Another significant difference among trade show suppliers is the quality and variety of display pieces they can offer you, and on what terms. Do you need to purchase, or is rental better for your purposes? Does the trade show supplier you’re talking to make its full catalog available on a rental basis, or just a few generic selections? How many of the pieces you’ll want to use can they provide with custom graphics? No matter whether you’re planning to purchase or rent, you’ll want to see examples in person, so you can evaluate the fabrics used for graphics, and the print quality. Do their structures and frames look polished and professional, or are they looking a bit overworked? If you’re looking for a portable DIY set-up, ask about the weight, ease of set-up, and whether there are rolling containers available with the pieces you need.

Where Will You Need Service?

If your trade show marketing plans include nationwide or international travel, ask whether any potential trade show supplier has local offices in the places you need to exhibit. Especially when you’re looking at international exhibiting, it’s critical to have the support of a local team to help you plan for different show rules and city ordinances that may affect your plans. Can they provide Install & Dismantle (I & D) labor for your exhibit in all the locations you need? Trade show suppliers with multiple locations can often help you save money by delivering your exhibit from a location that’s closer to your show.

Xtreme Xhibits By Skyline Has It All Covered

Xtreme Xhibits offers full-service support for exhibitors in Austin and San Antonio, and worldwide support through Skyline’s network of 135 offices in 31 countries. Whether you’re starting from a rough sketch on a legal pad or a CAD drawing with elevations, we’ll help you develop your ideas into an impressive and effective display that your team can use to achieve your marketing and sales goals at every show, no matter where that may be.

Designing A Trade Show Display That Goes Beyond Looking Cool

November 17th, 2016

Designing A Trade Show Display That Goes Beyond Looking Cool

Designing A Trade Show DisplayWhen it comes to designing a trade show display for your company, there are so many amazing ideas and styles; it can be hard to know where to start! Creating a display that grabs people’s attention and makes a lasting impression is one important factor in good exhibit design. Too often, exhibitors focus on this one area, simply because it’s easy to be enthusiastic about, and they miss opportunities by shortcutting or ignoring steps in the not-so-exciting planning process. Building a trade show exhibit is a serious investment, and you need that exhibit to do more than look cool; you need it to help your team achieve your marketing and sales goals.

  • Hard Objectives And General Goals – We know you’re eager to start sketching out your exhibit ideas, but before you dive into the fun part of the process, you should take the time to define what, exactly, you need to accomplish with that exhibit as a tool. Use your trade show marketing plan to set specific and achievable objectives, like sales numbers, and lead generation. Next, make a list of more general, harder-to-quantify goals. This might include things like improving your brand recognition. Thorough planning and setting goals as specifically as possible will help you realize a stronger Return on Investment (ROI) for your entire trade show marketing program.
  • Who Do You Need To Reach? – After you’ve laid out what you need and want to accomplish with your trade show display, you’ll need to define your target audience. What people do you need to attract to your booth to achieve the goals you’ve set? You may find that you have primary target group – most likely buyers – and a secondary group who are more likely to help you achieve goals like boosting your social media presence. Clearly, the primary target group should be your highest priority, but often, there are opportunities to cater to a secondary target group’s interests without detracting from your main purpose and without pulling the focus of your exhibit off-track.
  • What Will Those People Respond To? – Once you’ve got a full-color picture of what you need to accomplish, and whom you want to work with, it’s time to figure out what will attract those people, and what may repel them. Creating the right environment, ultimately, is about building a scene where your prospects are receptive to your message and appeal. An effective booth for a business selling contract services or wholesale merchandise needs a very different environment than one for a retail merchandise booth. The contracts and wholesale merchandise exhibits are likely supporting a longer sales process, where the retail merchandise one will rely more directly on a physical sales path (much like the virtual sales funnel of a website) that walks prospects from awareness to interest, then to a buying decision and purchase.

Full Service Support Every Step Of The Way

In the Austin and San Antonio markets, Xtreme Xhibits by Skyline helps exhibitors design the most effective displays for their specific business and goals. Our services include everything from marketing training and consulting to branding, exhibit design and logistics.