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4 Things You Need To Know When Creating A Trade Show Booth

Friday, June 16th, 2017

4 Things You Need To Know When Creating A Trade Show Booth

Are you gearing up to create your customized trade show booth for a corporate live marketing campaign, but aren’t quite sure where to start? The first step to success includes partnering with the right design firm. While many trade show booth design firms claim to offer expert skills and services, only a few reputable and qualified companies can actually support these claims with relevant experiences and client recommendations. Finding a competent trade show booth design team can quickly put you on the road to success with your live encounter marketing initiatives.

Top Considerations When Creating Your Final Trade Show Booth Design

trade show booth AustinOf course, teaming with the right trade show booth design firm is only the first step toward success. In order to truly capture the crowd’s attention and broaden the breadth of your brand, it’s critical to keep a few key considerations in mind throughout the design process. Knowing these four important design considerations can help ensure that you create final trade show booth that will truly resonate with any live crowd:

Make your brand a top priority: First and foremost, always make your brand your number one priority when creating your final trade show booth design. A qualified vendor will be able to work with you to include your branding information (logo, slogan, color schemes, etc.) throughout the stand in a way that compels and informs without overwhelming visitors. The end result should be that all guests know exactly who you are as soon as they see your exhibit.

Determine an exhibit focal point: Beyond your brand, your exhibit should also have a strategically determined focal point that also gets prime visual real estate on your stand. Once you’ve chosen your focal point, it’s important to place it in an esthetically compelling way to entice the crowds to walk across the room to see what you’re about.

Create a space that feels welcoming to visitors: When working with your chosen trade show booth vendor, it’s important to always keep the comfort of your guests on the design radar. Having open space to roam and a guest area with seating can truly make everyone who comes inside your exhibit feel instantly welcome. Additionally, work with all staff members who will be manning the stand to drive home how important it is to keep the entire space clean and uncluttered at all times.

Remember to include room for product grouping: Product grouping can deliver a powerful visual message to anyone visiting your exhibit. When teaming with your chosen build team, brainstorm ideas on how to best showcase your merchandise collectively as well as how to make takeaway marketing materials as easily accessible as possible; it’s the best way to help minimize lines (aka an opportunity for guests to get bored and walk away) and ensure that your visitors have the chance to leave your stand with all the information they’ll need for future contact.

Keep these considerations in mind when planning your booths and marketing strategies to ensure that your presence is felt.

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16 Ideas To Break The Monotony And Increase Results At Trade Show Displays

Sunday, March 20th, 2011

Whenever your company markets with trade show displays, your first priority is to be a strong representative and advocate of your product. Professional behavior at all trade show booths is a must.

Although you want to be serious and work to track down and qualify leads, sometimes the seriousness at trade show displays can become monotony and inhibit your ability to get things done. Your staff needs to be able to engage people who come to your trade show booths, and these tips can help liven them (and you) up.

  1. Go to the nearest trade show displays and ask the staffers what they do poorly. Enjoy their discomfort as they answer.
  2. Treat every new visitor at your trade show booths like your new best friend. Remember, they’re a person too – don’t treat them like a number in your sales reports.
  3. Take the funniest staffer at your trade show displays out for a nice dinner. Continue to do this daily for as long as you’ve got the trade show booths up, and even after!
  4. Play the trade show booths “drinking game”. Walk through the trade show displays carrying a bottle filled with water. Whenever a staffer asks you how you are, say “fine”, swig the water, and continue walking.
  5. Count the number of trade show displays you can pass before one of the staff tries to engage you.
  6. Collect some of the freebies that nearby trade show booths are offering. Be sure to give them back…to different trade show displays!
  7. Conspire with your co-workers to try working uncommon words into your conversations with people who visit your trade show booths. Try words like scurrilous, schism, or refractory for a challenge!
  8. Challenge your co-workers to find the worst/best/most (fill in the blank) of the convention day. The loser is responsible for buying lunch for the entire trade show booth sales team. Some great examples include most tacky trade show displays, best booth typo, and worst product description.
  9. Make a point of thanking every person who helped your trade show booths become reality, including the visitors who are currently making the trade show displays successful. Being thankful can be surprisingly fun!
  10. Before you see any other trade show booths, set up a bet with all your fellow attendants. Challenge each other to guess what the new trendy color will be. Loser buys drinks of the same color they picked!
  11. Bring your visitors in on the fun with a unique activity that communicates your message and is a lot of fun.
  12. Keep track of how many attendants trip over various utility cords. Extra points for every layer of safety protection designed to prevent trips and falls.
  13. Spread some smiles! Smiling is contagious; once you start, you’ll be surprised how many others take it up too.
  14. Plan ahead, and decide what you’ll do when you’re not at the trade show displays. What unique local attractions can you see?
  15. Set up a friendly competition with your co-workers to see who can generate the largest volume of qualified leads for the day. The loser buys drinks that night!
  16. Get a co-worker to put a sign on your back stating,  “ask me about (your business/product name) and you can kick me”. Walk around to the other trade show booths and see who asks you!